Thermoskin Premium Arthritis Gloves - Black - Pair

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Thermoskin Premium Arthritis Gloves - Black - Pair

Contain thermal properties to heat the hand and provide effective temporary relief from arthritis of the hand.  Anatomically shaped and fastened with a hook and loop strap around the wrist providing warmth and even compression.

Thermoskin is clinically proven to increase blood flow and skin temperature. The Arthritis gloves provide light compression and support. This exclusive combination of clinically proven heat therapy and gentle support work together to bring natural relief from arthritic pain. Thermoskin Gloves reduce the chance of swelling hands and ease the pain of sore joints. The gloves are also useful when doing household chores and gardening as they reduce soreness and swelling of the hands. The complete outer layer of the gloves are textured with GripTex to provide additional grip.

There is a right-hand and left-hand glove in every pack. 

Sizing (Measure circumference around knuckles):
  • XS - 6-6 ¾” 
  • S - 7-7 ¾”
  • M - 8-9" 
  • L - 9 ¼ - 10 ½
  • XL - 10¾ -11½                    
  • XXL - 11 ¾”
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