• Electrodes

    Electrotherapy Electrodes

    Electrotherapy electrodes are consumable supplies, but they still need to be of a very high quality. Electrotherapy electrodes also do include reusable designs. Various shapes and sizes allow therapists to apply them wherever needed, and to provide for patient comfort.

  • Hot & Cold Therapy

    Hot & Cold Therapy Treatment

    Hot and cold therapy treatment supplies are necessities for anyone who wants to provide pain relief in the most non-invasive and comfortable way imaginable. The wide variety of hot and cold therapy treatment options mean there’s something for any need.

  • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture Needles and Supply

    ProMed Products Xpress offers a variety of acupuncture equipment and supplies that you need. Needles, electrotherapy, treatment supplies and more are all available to make sure that you have the most satisfying acupuncture experience possible.

  • Electrotherapy/Ultrasound

    Electrotherapy and Ultrasound

    Some patients get excellent results from electrotherapy and ultrasound treatments and we have everything you need to treat them here. From TENS units and gels for doing ultrasounds, we have a broad selection. There are plenty of accessories for your electrotherapy and ultrasound treatments, as well.

  • Analgesics

    Topical Analgesics & Pain Relief

    Topical analgesics provide highly targeted pain relief that patients can apply themselves or that can be used as a part of treatment. Topical analgesics and pain relief products can ensure that patients are more comfortable and better able to perform their physical therapy exercises.

  • Portable Electrotherapy

    Portable Electrotherapy Units

    Portable electrotherapy units are excellent options for patients who want to remain on the go but who need to make certain that they have some form of pain relief during everyday activities. These portable electrotherapy units are durable, reliable and include plenty of different designs.

  • Iontophoresis

    Iontophoresis Equipment & Supply

    Iontophoresis equipment and supply options are available here, including electrodes, the units to power them and more. For difficult situations, contoured and butterfly electrodes are available, along with many other options that can accommodate just about any patient needs.

  • Paraffin Therapy

    Paraffin Treatment Supplies

    Paraffin treatment supplies include strips, mitts and booties and liners, all of which are necessary equipment for this type of an offering. Find precut gauze facial masks and plenty of other options available among the paraffin treatment supplies.

  • Hydrotherapy

    Hydrotherapy Equipment

    Hydrotherapy equipment including whirlpools, whirlpool dial thermometers, disinfectants and more are available here. You’ll also find chairs and table accessories available among the hydrotherapy equipment in this section, providing what’s required to offer a complete hydrotherapy solution for patients.

Clinical Supplies/Equipment

Clinical Supplies/Equipment

  • Paper Products

    Exam Room Paper Products

    Exam room paper products include paper sheets, disposable face cradle covers and exam table paper rolls, as well as other disposable sanitary products. These items can be purchased in quantities for reasonable prices and are suitable for professional use.

  • Patient Gowns

    Disposable Patient Gowns

    Any physical therapy practice will go through a great many disposable medical gowns, and they need to be available at affordable prices and in suitable quantities. You’ll find disposable hospital gowns available here at excellent prices in different styles.

  • Disinfectants/Cleaners/Wipes

    Disinfectants, Cleaners and Wipes

    Medical disinfectant wipes can prevent the spread of illness for a very affordable cost. These products include hospital grade disinfectant, which ensures that dangerous pathogens are reduced and are far more effective than household grade disinfectant products.

  • Gloves

    Disposable Exam Gloves

    Being able to get medical gloves at wholesale prices is a necessity for any physical therapy office. Physical therapy gloves need to be changed as frequently as any other medical exam gloves. This section contains many options in different materials and in very large quantities.

  • Exam Room Supplies

    Exam Room Clinical Supplies

    Sharps containers, exam table paper and other materials are all must have rehab clinic supplies. These physical therapy clinic supplies also include cups and other single use items that can be purchased in large quantities, saving on cost.

  • Office Supplies

    Physical Therapy Office Supplies

    Medical office supplies are available in this section, including all of the basics that a professional practice needs. The physical therapy office supplies include filing envelopes, display racks, and more, as well as handouts for patients, such as items on managing back pain.

  • Anatomical Charts & Models

    Anatomical Charts & Models

    We carry a large selection of anatomical charts and models for your office. Models, charts, posters and other learning aids make wonderful educational tools for patient education.

  • Adjusting Tools

    Chiropractic Adjusting Tools

    Chiropractic adjusting tools include palm pads, activators and other items that are designed for professional use. The spinal adjustment tools are made to very high standards, entirely appropriate for professionals operating their own practices.

  • Hand Cleaners

    Medical Hand Sanitizers & Soaps

    Medical sanitizers and soaps provide effective cleaning without over drying hands. Hand sanitizer dispensers are among the most convenient items for any office. You will find medical hand sanitizers available for all skin types and all preferences in the section.

  • Education & Reference

    Physical Therapy Education & Guides

    Physical therapy books are a great way to check on the specifics of therapies and to get patients involved in their own healthcare. Physical therapy reference guides and other materials to educate patients are all available in this section, including flash cards and posters.



  • Diagnostic Tools

    Medical Diagnostic Tools

    With quality medical diagnostic tools, you can assess your clients’ health, fitness, reflexes, and more. From tape measures and body fat analyzers to heart rate monitors, pedometers, eye charts, and combination diagnostic kits, these tools are essential to diagnosis and determining proper treatment.

  • Range of Motion

    Range of Motion Diagnostic Tools

    Range of motion diagnostic tools are absolutely essential in measuring progress in physical therapy. Shop here for range of motion testing devices, such as goniometers, inclinometers, and posture analyzers to assist you in assessing progress and adjusting treatment and therapy.

  • Vital Signs

    Vital Signs Monitoring Equipment

    Vital signs monitoring equipment is essential for physicians and physical therapists. Shop for blood pressure kits, stethoscopes, thermometers, and other vital signs equipment to keep track of your clients’ vitals before, during, and/or after physical therapy.

  • Scales & Stadiometers

    Scales and Stadiometers

    Scales and stadiometers have been useful tools for physicians and physical therapists for many years. Help assess your clients’ body compositions to diagnose health issues and recommend treatments with the help of digital medical scales, pediatric scales, and accurate stadiometers.

  • Strength Testing

    Strength Testing Equipment

    Shop for strength testing equipment here to measure your clients’ progress in regaining grip strength and other muscle strength during physical therapy. Strength testing equipment can assist you in recommending treatments and adjusting physical therapy regimens for your clients.



  • Walkers

    Walkers & Walker Accessories

    Walker and walker accessories include many different items, designed for both safety and for convenience’s sake. Tips, balls, trays and more can be added to a walker to make it more useful to the user and more reliable.

  • Bathroom Mobility

    Bathroom Assistance and Mobility

    Find all of the bathroom assistance and mobility equipment and accessories necessary to make trips to the bathroom safe for disabled and elderly persons. Here, you’ll find replacement commode and walker tips, bath and shower benches, cushioned toilet seats, and other bathroom assistance devices.

  • Transfer Aids

    Transfer Aids, Belts & Boards

    Transfer aids provide protection for patients and caregivers alike. By making it safe to move a patient who is mobility impaired from one location to another, without straining the body, they help to provide comfort and safety.

  • Canes & Crutches

    Canes, Crutches and Accessories

    Canes, crutches, and their accessories help individuals with temporary or permanent limited mobility get around without assistance. Medical walking canes and crutches can be hugely beneficial during physical therapy and/or in recovery after an injury or surgery.

  • Ambulation

    Ambulation Gait Belts and Trainers

    Shop here for ambulation gait belts and trainers to assist mobility impaired individuals to strengthen their legs and gain or recover the ability to walk and stand unassisted. These gait transfer belts and trainers are invaluable in physical therapy, especially for children.

  • Rollators

    Rollators Walkers

    Rollators and walkers are durable and safe solutions for mobility. The following selection of rollators and walkers, as well as accessories for them, provides a range of choices for your first rollator or walker or for upgrades to the one you already use.

  • Geri Chairs

    Geri Chair Recliners

    Geri chair recliners offer built-in headrests, lumbar support, and modular armrests. Often called “care chairs”, these comfortable recliners are perfect for caring for elderly clients who would like to sit back and relax but may have difficulty standing up again on their own.

  • Patient Lifts

    Patient Lift Systems

    Patient lift systems give healthcare providers and physical therapists the means to assist clients with limited mobility in getting in and out of bed, transferring from bed to chair, and vice versa. Here, you’ll find a variety of portable patient lifts and slings, both mechanical and electronic.

  • Powered Mobility

    Mobility Scooters and Accessories

    Shop here for powered mobility scooters and accessories. With the help of products like go-chairs and scooters, elderly and disabled persons can get around to run errands and enjoy their daily lives without assistance. Scooter accessories like baskets and cane attachments make it even easier.



  • Lower Extremity Supports

    Lower Extremity Supports

    Lower extremity supports provide an efficient way to brace injured areas and to provide relief from pain at the same time. They are available in sizes and configurations suitable for most any patient and offer effective, non-invasive relief.

  • Tapes & Bandages

    Therapeutic Tapes and Bandages

    Therapeutic tapes and bandages are very popular with athletes these days and are increasingly popular as a very effective and comfortable therapy method. Therapeutic tapes and bandages are available in precut lengths or in the form of basic bandages and athletic tape.

  • Upper Extremity Supports

    Upper Extremity Supports & Braces

    Upper extremity supports and braces can make all the difference for people in some types of physical therapy. By allowing them to use their upper extremities nearly as easily as they normally would, they provide support and mobility at the same time.

  • Supports Pillows

    Support Pillows

    For people with certain types of injuries or ongoing illnesses, support pillows are incredibly useful, yet simple, devices. They provide support in just the right places, and oftentimes incorporate memory foam and other sophisticated materials into their designs, making these support pillows even more effective.

  • Compression Products

    Compression Therapy Products

    Compression products include socks, pantyhose, bandages and other options. These compression products can be excellent for people with varicose veins and other issues where offering a bit of support is advantageous to better health and, in many cases, the alleviation of pain.

  • Bolsters & Wedges

    Physical Therapy Bolsters And Wedge Cushions

    Bolster and Physical Therapy Bolsters cushions help make it easier to give patients therapy when they need a degree of support. Wedge Bolster Pillows, tumble forms and other bolster and Physical Therapy Wedge cushions can contribute greatly to comfort and help people in recovery to achieve their goals. Buy Wedge Bolster Pillows and Physical Therapy Wedges & Bolsters.

  • Positioning

    Body Positioning Cushions

    Body positioning cushions make it much easier for people to endure positions that might be uncomfortable while undergoing therapy. For some people, body positioning cushions are also excellent for simply sleeping, as they prevent undue strain on areas of the body that may be injured.

Rehab & Exercise

Rehab & Exercise

  • Strength Training

    Strength Training Equipment

    Strength training equipment can help people recover from injuries and provide them with a healthy way to get more tone and feel more confident. From gym packages to dumbbells to soft weights, there are many weight training equipment products available.

  • Exercise Bands, Tubing & Balls

    Exercise Bands, Tubing & Balls

    Essential items for physical therapy and rehabilitation, elastic exercise bands are available in many colors, levels of resistance and links. Bulk exercise tubing and exercise balls provide even more options. Entire kits are also available, making it easy to make sure there is a variety of materials on hand.

  • Upper Extremity Exercises

    Upper Body Exercise Equipment

    Upper body workout equipment can help people to recover from injuries and to build strength when they are healthy. You’ll find plenty of upper body exercise equipment available here, with many different weight options, styles and other features to choose from.

  • Balance & Total Body Conditioning

    Balance & Total Body Conditioning

    Rollers, platforms for stepping, balance pads and more are included among the balance and total body conditioning products available. Balance and total body conditioning products also include ergometers, exercise mats and other devices that can have a very high value to people undergoing physical therapy.

  • Nutrition

    Nutritional Supplements

    Sport nutrition supplements can be used to help build up parts of the body and to make up for deficiencies in diet, in some cases. Nutritional vitamins and other products are all available, all of them of a very high quality and formulated to provide excellent results.

  • The Pettibon System®

    Pettibon System Cervical Traction, Spine & Posture Correction Products

    Shop here for Pettibon System products to assist with accurate and precision x-ray and chiropractic techniques. With products such as the Pettibon Chiropractic Cervical Traction strap, the low pelvic block set, and other accessories, you can give your patients the best care possible. Pettibon System Cervical Traction, Spine & Posture Correction Products.

  • Lower Extremity Exercises

    Lower Body Exercise Equipment

    Lower body exercise equipment includes a range of items, including stretching and flexibility devices, resistance band products, leg exercisers and leg stretchers. Durable, reliable and very effective, they are staples of many rehabilitative programs and can easily be used by patients at home.

  • Cardio Equipment

    Cardio and Fitness Equipment

    Cardio and fitness equipment can make cardiovascular health accessible to people with injuries. Devices that make it possible to get a great workout, as well as cardio and fitness equipment like heart rate monitors, are available here.

  • Continuous Passive Motion

    Continuous Passive Motion Machines

    Continuous passive motion machines can work wonders for people who have severe injuries. Available in the form of kits and devices aimed at particular areas of the body, there are many different types of continuous passive motion machines available.

  • Reference

    Physical Therapy Reference Book

    Physical therapy reference books provide both therapists and patients a way to get a closer look at therapies and what they offer. Having these around the office as physical therapy aides is a great way to keep people’s minds involved, as well as their bodies.

Treatment Furniture

Treatment Furniture

  • Traction

    Traction Tables & Equipment

    Neck traction equipment, cervical traction devices and associated equipment will find a place in any professional practice. This section also includes home traction machine options, which are excellent for patients who need to self-administer therapies in their own homes.

  • Massage & Chiropractic

    Massage & Chiropractic Furniture

    Massage and chiropractic furniture is among the most specialized and vital equipment in any physical therapy office. Medical exam tables are also found in this category, with very professional and rugged designs available. These are designed to be easy to clean and for maximum patient comfort.

  • Carts & Stools

    Medical Carts & Stools

    Medical stools, medical carts on wheels, and utility carts are all basic equipment for any physical therapy office. These designs include comfortable, durable, and professional quality items in a variety of sizes and styles, perfect for any practitioner.

  • Treatment Tables

    Treatment & Exam Tables & Chairs

    Physical therapy treatment cables have to be as ergonomic for the treatment giver as they are for the patient receiving the treatment. Designs that are easy to adjust, sturdy, and very reliable are available among the PT tables in this section.

  • Mat Platforms

    Physical Therapy Mat Platforms

    Whether you are building out, expanding, or simply replacing your equipment, we can provide you with all your needs! Your equipment has to be dependable, and our manufacturers deliver! Choose from an array of Mat Platform Tables.

  • Rehab Equipment

    Rehabilitation & Exercise Equipment

    Exercise equipment, physical rehabilitation equipment, and other types of rehab equipment are found in this category. From parallel bars to stairs and ramps to privacy screens, you’ll find excellent quality physical rehabilitation equipment suitable for use in the most professional practices.

  • Standing Tables & Frames

    Standing Tables & Accessories

    Standing tables offer some excellent options for physical therapists and there are a variety of different models available here. These physical therapy standing tables can be enhanced with angle locators, chest pads and other items that make them even more versatile.

  • Work Tables

    Physical Therapy Work Tables

    These physical therapy work tables are adjustable, some utilizing gas springs and some utilizing cranks and other mechanisms. There are also cut out options available and many other variations among the physical therapy worktables in this section, all suitable for heavy use.

ADL Products

ADL Products

  • Aids for Daily Living

    Aids for Daily Living and Supplies

    Shop for aids for daily living and supplies to help seniors and those with mobility issues live independently. Choose from a selection of reachers, pill crushers, dressing aids, and other independent living aids to help your clients in their daily lives.

  • Home Accessories

    Home Accessories for the Disabled

    Find home accessories for the disabled, such as cane holders, writing implements for people with trouble gripping, reachers and cane clips for walkers and wheelchairs, bed trays, and more. These disability products make it easier for people with limited mobility to maintain their independence.

  • Dining

    Eating Aids and Utensils

    From comfort grips to pediatric cuffs to suction scooper bowls and partitioned dishes, these eating aids and utensils make dining an easier, safer experience for children and clients with disabilities. Shop here for handicap utensils and dishes to make mealtime a breeze.

  • Toileting

    Toilet Aids for the Disabled

    Shop here for toilet aids for the disabled, such as splash guards, elevated toilet seats, portable commodes and urinals, and self-wiping aids. Toileting aid tools and accessories make it easier for elderly and disabled persons to keep their dignity, independence, and privacy.

  • Bathing

    Bathing Aids for the Disabled

    With these bathing aids for the disabled, clients who cannot stand may still wash themselves and preserve their dignity. Choose from bath lifts, bath seats, shower chairs, and back scrubbers to give your clients the independence they desire.