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Band & Tubing Accessories

Advantage Medical carries a variety of band and tubing accessories for your physical therapy practice. Our durable accessories are just what you need to get your exercise bands and tubing ready for your patients. The selection includes Triple Grip Handles, Cando Tubing Klips, Thera-Band Door Anchor and Horizontal Band Rac. Read More Read Less

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  1. Cando Door Anchor W/Webbing For Band/Tubing W/Nub Cando® Door Anchor with Webbing For Band/Tubing with Nub
  2. Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser
  3. Molded Rubber Handle Shoulder Pulley Molded Rubber Handle Shoulder Pulley
    $13.97 - $14.97
  4. Inflatable Exercise Ball Inflatable Exercise Ball
    $8.00 - $103.32
  5. Thera-Band Accessory Kit TheraBand® Accessory Kit
  6. Thera-Band Exercise Handles 1 Pair 22120 TheraBand® Exercise Handles for use with elastic resistance bands & tubing
  7. Thera-Loop Non-Slip Anchor, Single Unit Thera-Loop Non-Slip Anchor, Single Unit
  8. Cando Loop Stirrups Cando® Loop Stirrups
  9. Cando Band/Tubing Accessory Kit Cando® Band/Tubing Accessory Kit
  10. Extremity Straps Hygenic Thera-Band One Pair TheraBand® Extremity Strap
  11. Spring Cover For The Bay48 Rebounder Spring Cover For The Bay48 Rebounder
  12. Cando Door Disc Anchor Strap Cando® Door Disc Anchor Strap
  13. Medical Hand Rails Medical Hand Rails for Treadmills
  14. Thera-Loop Non-Slip Anchor, Pack of 50 Thera-Loop Non-Slip Anchor for Resistance Tubing & Bands, Pack of 50
  15. Ideal Medical Plyoboxes Ideal Medical Plyoboxes
  16. Baps Board - Complete W/Weights And Storage Tray Baps Board Ankle Strengthening Balance Board with Weights & Storage Tray
  17. Sports Art - E845S Elliptical Sports Art - E845S Elliptical
  18. Bosu Elite By WeckMethod BOSU® Elite by WeckMethod
  19. 8530028 Thera-Loop Non-Slip Anchor, Pack of 10
  20. Thera-Band Door Anchor 22130 TheraBand® Door Anchor to Secure Exercise Bands or Tubing
  21. Thera-Band Assist Strap TheraBand® Assist Strap
  22. Thera-Band Sport Handle TheraBand® Sport Handle
  23. Vertical Universal Bandrac Vertical Universal Bandrac
  24. Power Systems Kettlebell Power Systems Kettlebell
    $26.89 - $186.29
  25. Hand Exerciser, Deluxe Hand Exerciser, Deluxe
  26. Cando Adjustable Foam Handles For Band Tubing Pair Cando® Adjustable Foam Handles for Resistance Band/Tubing, Pair
  27. Theraband Clx Anchor TheraBand® CLX Anchor

27 Items

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Band & Tubing Accessories