Seirin® G-Type Sports Acupuncture Needle - 100/Box

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Seirin® G-Type Sports Acupuncture Needle - 100/Box

G-Type acupuncture needles provides the same high quality you expect from Seirin® in a longer needle that is ideal for sports medicine. The G-Type features the new “SP” tip design for smooth, painless insertion, a longer comfort grip 2mm x 25mm plastic handle that is color coded for easy gauge identification, and easier to open blister packs.

Each needle comes individually packaged with its own polypropylene guide tube, which is rounded on the end for patient comfort and is 100% PVC-free. Sold in boxes of 100 sterile, disposable needles.

Ideal for:

  • Points that call for deeper insertion
  • Sensitive patients who typically cannot tolerate longer/thicker needles
  • Plus-sized patients
  • Everyday athletes with more muscle mass
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