ReZume® Pain Reliever Anti-Inflammatory

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ReZume® Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reliever

Choose from the 3-Day Dose Pack, 30 Count or 60 Count!

From the makers of Cryoderm® comes ReZume®- a whole new product in pain management. The proprietary formula used to create this cutting edge product is the result of years of research blending science and nature. Patented extracts and other well-known documented herbal extracts are utilized to create a maximizing effect of each individual ingredient. These anti-inflammatory pain relievers create a natural formula so powerful that just two caplets can bring relief within 30 minutes.

ReZume® was created to work synergistically with Cryoderm® and this multi-modality is the first of its kind. Applying Cryoderm® topically treats the painful area and immediately elicits the gate therapy of pain control. This allows muscles to release their involuntary contraction and blood then flows back into the area to break up the ischemic conditioning. The result is the Kreb Cycle is completed which stops the buildup of metabolic waste and lactic acid.

You will find many of the same ingredients in ReZume® that you do in Cryoderm® plus a couple unique components to allow for oral administration. It then works to systemically reduce the body's inflammatory and pain response, reinforcing the topical actions of Cryoderm®.

Have your patients start with the Dose Pack then continue with a daily maintenance schedule.

Ingredients: The 1125mg Inflagen Blend Contains Natural Plant Extracts of: White Willow Bark Extract, Andrographics Paniculata Extract (ParActin®), Tumeric Root, MSM, Yucca Root, ILEX Paraguarineses (Yerba Mate Leaf), Boswellia, Devil's Claw Root Extract, Ulva Lactuca, Naringin and Hyaluronic Acid.

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