Relief Pak® Cold-Hot Donut Compression Sleeve

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$11.29 - $20.89
Relief Pak® Donut
  • Rolls on, no straps necessary
  • Reusable
  • Latex-free polyurethane film
  • Contains a non-toxic hydro gel that will not freeze
  • Includes insulated compression sleeve to use between skin & pack
  • Cold: Store in freezer or refrigerator for 2+ hours prior to use
  • It is recommended that any user does not exceed 20 minutes for cold application
  • Hot: Heat 3 quarts of water and place Donut in water. Remove when warm
  • Microwave: Lay Donut flat in the center and heat on Defrost for 1 minute. If additional heating is required, continue for 20 second intervals

Size Circumference Great for Use On
Small 3"-10" Hand, Wrist, Elbow & Arm
Medium 10"-15" Hand, Wrist, Arm, Elbow, Foot & Ankle
Large 15"-21" Elbow, Foot, Ankle, Calf & Knee
X-Large 21"-28" Knee, Quad/Hamstring
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