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WristWidget® (Black)

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Experience pain relief with the WristWidget®. If you have TFCC injuries and ulnar-sided wrist pain, the WristWidget® will provide support allowing your TFCC to heal. TFCC injuries can cripple you, preventing you from completing even the most basic activities of daily living.

When you wear the WristWidget®, you provide your injured wrist with targeted compression that instantly helps to relieve pain and provide the stability you need to function while you are healing. The WristWidget® was developed by a hand / wrist specialist and designed to target the affected TFCC area with minimal restriction to any other area.

With its two versatile Velcro straps, you can increase and decrease the compression pressure where you need it as well as when you need it.

  • One Size Fits Most  
  • Can be worn on either wrist
  • Decrease Pain in Grip, Weight Bearing, and Rotation (supination and pronation)
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