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ThermaZone Relief Pads

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$64.99 - $135.49

ThermaZone Relief Pads

These pads are made specifically for the ThermaZONE system. The pads are designed for acute and chronic muscle or join pain, post-surgical recovery, athletic injury rehabilitation, to loosen muscles, reduce swelling, bruising and pain. Each pad is designed to soothe pain for a specific area.

**Can only be used with the ThermaZone device**

Pad Ideal For How it Works
Front & Side Migraines  Targets two main trigger points: forehead and templates
Occipital Migraines or rear headaches Targets Occipital region
Eye Migraines or sinus headaches located between the eyes Reduces the severity of the migraine or ceases the episode
Universal Muscles, joints, back and neck Soothe burns, muscle aches, back pain, and insect bites
Shoulder Shoulder pain- athletic injuries, accidents, or self-induced Reduces swelling and bruising from post-op orthopedic shoulder surgery
Knee Knee pain- arthritis, sport injuries, or self-induced Reduces swelling and bruising caused from post-op knee replacements
Back Back injuries, back pain, sore back muscles or tight muscles Relieves bruising and swelling that may occur after post-op back surgery or liposuction operation
Ankle Sprained ankle, ankle injury or ankle surgery Delivers therapeutic relief to the ankle area, the most common region for athletic injuries
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