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Theraworx® Relief Muscle Cramps & Spasms Relief Foam & Spray

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Theraworx® Relief

Not just another leg cramp remedy

Theraworx relief quickly relieves muscle cramps and even prevents them when used daily. Unlike other muscle cramp remedies, Theraworx has been scientifically proven to prevent muscle cramps in the legs and feet, and reduce symptoms associated with Restless Leg Syndrome. Theraworx contains a proprietary blend of safe and gentle ingredients such as magnesium sulfate, colloidal silver, citrus grapefruit extract, aloe, allantoin and vitamin E. Theraworx is easy to use, non-greasy topical formula that is available in a fast-acting foam and spray.

Instructions for use

Use twice daily (morning and night) to prevent nighttime muscle cramps and spasms, or three times daily if you also experience cramps during the day. When you feel a cramp coming on, use Theraworx Relief to release muscle tightness and to reduce the soreness afterwards.

Shake well. Apply 2 generous pumps of foam onto each impacted muscle group and briskly rub in until absorbed. Repeat and allow to air dry.

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