Waterproof Massage Table Protector & Plastic Fitted Cover

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Protects your table from moisture and grime, also ensures that nothing gets on your table or no liquids seep into your table’s foam. Perfect for on-site sports massage or wet treatments. 1 sheet. Reusable.protective table cover,protective table cover

Waterproof Massage Table Bed Protector Cover Plastic Fitted

Protects your table from moisture and grime. One of the simplest ways to ensure that nothing gets on your table or that liquids seep into your table's foam. Perfect for on-site Sports Massage or wet treatments. Fits standard length tables up to 31" width. Made of clear thick plastic which is great for protecting the table during sporting events, spa treatments, or anytime you need to protect the table. 1 sheet. Reusable. 73"L x 33"W x 6"D.

Please Note:
The Waterproof Massage Table Cover is not to be used with a table warmer.

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