Squid Cold Compression Leg Wraps – Regular

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Squid Cold Compression Leg Wraps – Regular

Squid Wraps provide sequential intermittent compression through multi-chambered air bladders within the wrap. This directs edema/swelling away from the affected area towards the heart. This sequential intermittent compression helps to increase blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, which aids in the recovery process.

The Squid Flat Wrap and Cold Gel Pack are scientifically designed to meet the specific needs of the Leg providing large area coverage and maximum flexibility for use. Sequential cold compression is targeted to the areas that need it most. The Squid Flat Wrap and Cold Gel Pack can be used to treat the calf, knee, quadricep, or hamstring. Available as one size fits most. Wrap fits both legs.

Available Options:

  • Full Unit (Squid Pump, Leg Wrap, Gel Pack)
  • Leg Wrap
  • Leg Gel Pack
  • Leg Wrap and Gel Pack

Squid Pump

The portable and rechargeable Squid Pump provides intermittent air pressure to the air bladders within the wraps to create sequential intermittent compression. The inflation/deflation cycle times are automatically programmed to create the most effective treatment at any level of compression during the 15-minute treatment time. For user comfort, the Squid Pump is programmed with 4 different compression modes, which have different peak pressure levels and inflation/deflation cycles. The pump’s durable outside makes it easy for travel and cleaning without fear of damage.

  • Small size and lightweight – under 1 lb
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Good for up to 50 uses on full charge
  • Offers 4 levels of compression
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