P.E.R 2000 (Pulsed Energy Replenisher) - PEMF Machine

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P.E.R 2000 (Pulsed Energy Replenisher)

The P.E.R 2000 emits Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or P.E.M.F, which has been shown to have significant effects on body cells, assisting in speedy recovery and decreasing pain. This advanced pain management tool is highly effective, yet surprisingly simple to operate.  With minimal training, anyone can administer the Energy Sessions and achieve the positive results with this innovative new technology.  If is completely safe, who no known complications or adverse side effects.

The P.E.R. 2000 is a lightweight, portable device that comes with an applicator ring to administer the pulsed electromagnetic field.  Additional attachments are available as well for more targeted areas of the body, along with a Pulse Blanket for delivering total-body Energy Sessions.  Each Energy Session is approximately 30 minutes long.  During this time, the Loop or blanket is placed near the user.  It pulses magnetic fields that radiate globally with the potential to penetrate deep into muscle tissue.  The Pulse provides non-invasive treatment utilizing the cutting-edge P.E.M.F therapy.

Each Device Includes:  P.E.R 2000 Unit, an Exhaust Hose, Spare Filters, Unit Keys, Replacement Light Bulb, Replacement Fuses, Power Cord, Insulated Gloves, Loop Applicator, Loop Cover (colors may vary), Instructions for Use/User's Manual, and a Shipping Inspection Form.

PER 2000 HD
The PER HD model is the most powerful (32.3 Tesla) readily available PEMF unit in the world. It too is designed for use with people of all health levels – but has added power for “difficult” cases as well as larger and/or heavily-muscled individuals.

PER 2000 Mini
The PER Mini – which is an ironic product name considering at 23.2 Tesla the device is actually 20% more powerful than what competitor manufacturers (like that of the Magna Pulse, Magna Wave, PEMF 100 etc.) brands call their “large” machine; these devices are 19.2 Tesla. The PER Mini is designed for use with people of all health levels.

PER 2000 JR
Home unit that will have a pulse and intensity that you can feel enter your body. This will be the only machine on the market to create enough pulse to heal you faster! This table top machine will be the size of a book and come with a padded attachment for multi-purpose treatments. Treatment time for this machine will be 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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