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Posture Medic A Real World Solution To A Real World Problem

The Dynamic Posture Medic - A Realistic Approach to Posture Improvement

Static posture braces designed to yank your shoulders back so you look like you have good posture just won't cut it. The dynamic Posture Medic is the real world solution for posture improvement.

Static posture braces can restrict your tonic muscles which are responsible for holding your posture and your phasic muscles which are essential for maintaining dynamic movement.

Unlike most static braces the Posture Medic when properly sized is dynamic and designed to not restrict your muscles or interfere with your brachial plexus.

Posture Medic – A Multi Functioning Posture Improvement Tool


Stretching will help improve posture, range of motion, and overall flexibility, it can also help manage pain caused by tension in the back and neck.


When you hunch, you make your muscles weak. As you perform targeted posture improvement exercises, you put those muscles to work, strengthening them, making them do their job again and, as a result, you’ll start to notice your posture improving.


The Dynamic Posture Medic when sized correctly will create only slight pressure while in a good postural position. If you begin to lapse back into a poor posture position the Posture Medic begins to gently create more resistance which reminds you to move back to a better posture alignment.

Medically Sound Posture Improvement Program

All Posture Medic exercises were approved or created by Dr. Steph Dorworth.

Steph Dorworth is a Doctor of Physical therapy with a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification from the NSCA.

Dr. Dorworth also demonstrates the proper form for stretching and strengthening exercises in all videos and user manuals.

Online Exercise Video Library

Online Exercise Videos conveniently timed to suit most lifestyles. They are timed at 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 and 12 minutes and have been translated into over 10 languages. Many people would think a 4-minute exercise program is not effective but we can assure you that in as little as 4 minutes a person can get the heart rate up and relieve tension and stress on the spine. Available in over 10 languages.

User Guide

Every Posture Medic comes with a 16 page fully detailed user guide including all our exercises and great tips on lifestyle posture improvements.

General Benefits of Good Posture

Improve concentration and Mental Acuity

Reduces tension in your back and neck

Increase Range of motion

Provides better sleep

Reduces stress on lower and upper back

Proper Posture Helps The Rest of the Body Work Better Also

Improves Digestion

Improves circulation

Improves blood pressure

Opens up your diaphragm and windpipe

Improves nerve signals 

Promotes proper growth development in children.


The Posture Medic comes in Regular Strength and Plus Strength

The Posture Medic Regular Strength should be used by roughly 80% of the population.

The Posture Medic Plus Strength is designed for users who are more athletic. The Plus Strength utilizes a proportionally heavier resistance band compared to the regular strength. This provides athletic individuals with a more appropriate stretch level and stronger resistance for the strengthening aspect of the program. The Plus Strength also improves stabilization for athletic individuals.

All other product features are the same for both strengths

Obese individuals may require the Plus Strength regardless of activity level to support bulk in the chest area.

Warranty and Returns

The Posture Medic has the industry standard 3 month free replacement including all shipping and handling costs. 

The Posture Medic also includes coverage in months 4 through 24. If your patient's Posture Medic becomes non functioning in this period it will be replaced free of charge. Only a shipping and handling charge of $12.95 will apply.

All warranty claims need to be directed to [email protected] 

All purchase refunds need to be conducted at the point of purchase.

Available Sizes

Regular Strength

  • X-Small – Light Blue
  • Small – Red
  • Medium – Green
  • Large – Yellow
  • X-Large – Black


  • Small – Purple
  • Medium – Blue
  • Large – Silver
  • X-Large – Orange
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