DBC™ Press Needles - Acupuncture Press Needles - 100/Box

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DBC™ Press Needles - 100/Box

Highest quality Korean needles!

DBC™ Press Needles are the highest quality Korean needles on the market and renowned worldwide for their smooth painless insertion. Made from the best surgical-grade stainless steel and sterilized with Ethylene-Oxide Gas (ETO) in strict compliance with CE Marking, ISO 9002, British Q-mark, and 510K certification from the United States FDA and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines.

DBC™ Press Needles are made with machine-controlled precision to ensure every needle is finished to the highest quality. The grinding and polishing processes are automatically controlled and have no human intervention, thus ensuring excellent consistency. DBC needles have a micro polished high-tech coated body and optimized needle tip to geometrically ensure smooth painless insertion. The easy grip handles are especially designed with a handle length of up to 25mm both in pipe handle and spring handle products.

DongBang Corporation is one of the largest acupuncture manufacturers in the world and fully committed to innovation and the continuous support of worldwide academic research in acupuncture.

For licensed/professional use only.
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