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Flexall 454 Analgesic, Regular Formula

228 0256
110 Guarantee

Regular Strength Flex-All 454 Analgesic

Unique aloe vera gel formulas with Vitamin E Incorporating Flexall gels into your treatment regimen will help:

  • Enhance ultrasound
  • Supplement cryotherapy
  • Intensify soft tissue massage
  • Calm the pain between T.E.N.S. treatments
  • 7% Menthol
  • Fast, long lasting relief for painful muscles and joints
  • Effective counter irritation to pain by providing a cooling sensation then deeper heat
  • Easy to apply - gentle on the skin
  • Penetrate skin quickly & deeply
  • Soothe and relax sore muscles by increasing local blood flow
  • Greaseless and non-staining
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