EarthLite® Professional Massage Table Warmer

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Keep clients warm, comfortable and happy during a relaxing, therapeutic treatment . Ensure that each massage is as beneficial and enjoyable as possible by offering a soft, warm,and luxurious treatment surface . Basic 30"x72", Deluxe 30 x 73"

EarthLite® Professional Table Warmer

The electric EarthLite® Professional Table Warmer keeps clients warm, comfortable and happy during a relaxing, therapeutic treatment with 3 adjustable heat settings that deliver the perfect temperature for every body. A comfortable fleece pad and table warmer in one and includes elastic corner straps to keep pad in place. The newly redesigned warmer gets warmer faster. The warmer automatically shuts off after 3 hours in case you forget.


  • Full size 30" x 72"
  • Auto over-heat protection
  • 3 adjustable heat settings
  • Heats up to 86°F - 122°F
  • 2 elastic straps the run the width of the table at the top and the bottom
  • 90 watts
  • 13' Power cord
  • CE Certified
  • The power cord is approximately 11 ½ ft long.

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Spot clean soiled area with a sponge and luke warm water
  2. Use a mild detergent
  3. Follow the above cleaning method with sponging with clean water.
  4. Remove any excess water by compressing the wet area between absorbent towels


  • 1 year limited warranty


The purpose of this massage table warmer is to supply a low level warmth. This is better for the foam and for the upholstery if you use it on a massage table, while sufficiently warming the client. The warmth is stimulated by the weight of the client’s body.

The internal wires are engaged by the weight/pressure. Without any weight or covering, the heat from the warmer escapes. So even if you leave the warmer on for 3 hours, the heat will continually escape and the warmer will not feel hot enough since there is no weight on the warmer. Once a person lays on the warmer, the heat is trapped and your client will feel warmth.


TWO-IN-ONE TABLE WARMER & FLEECE PAD: Your clients will stay cozy and warm on this professional, luxurious fleeced heated massage table pad in the coldest of environments. Now features nicely sewed, smooth edges

GENEROUSLY SIZED: Fits all full-sized massage tables (30”x72”). Elastic corner straps hold the table warmer securely in place. 11 ft. power cord conveniently reaches wall power outlets

OVER-HEAT PROTECTION: This sensitive feature protects your clients, practice and home from accidents and injury. The AUTO SHUTOFF automatically turns the heating pad off after 3 hours in case you forget

NEW DIGITAL CONTROLLER: Solid state electronics improve reliability and safety with an upgraded QUICK HEAT feature and three comfortable heat settings (High, Medium & Low) will satisfy the pickiest clients




How long does it take for the warmer to heat up?

Approximately 5 to 10 minutes

Although you may not be able to feel the heat unless you are lying on the fleece.


How can I clean my pad?

The heating pads are not machine washable. However, we recommend that you use a damp rag lightly spayed with mild detergent to remove stains, debris, and surface dirt. Follow by wiping down with a clean rag dampened with water. Allow to fully dry before using.


How long does my warranty last?

Earthlite stands behind the quality of its products

We offer a one-year warranty on our line of table warmers

Please feel free to call us if you are having difficulties operating your warmer


Why does my table warmer shuts down?

The basic warmer has a safety feature that is set to move from high to low temperature after 1 hour.


Why does my massage table warmer not heat up?

To quickly test the warmer just roll it up, set the controller to 'high' temperature setting, let it heat for a few minutes, but not more than 10. Then test the heat level by inserting your hand or arm in the center of the warmer. Please remember that the temperatures are set for extended contact with sensitive human skin.


My table warmer stopped working?

Make sure that the power outlet on the wall is working. Then double check the heating pad as described above. If no heat is present the wires in your warmer got kinked or a power surge fried the overheat safety circuit in your warmer. This essential element protects the product from burning a client and/or causing a fire. We offer warranty.


Why does my table warmer not get hot on the highest setting?

Please remember that the temperature levels are set for extended contact with sensitive human skin. The heat will dissipate too quickly to notice without someone lying on the warmer. While desired temperature varies from person to person, we believe that it provides a toasty warm environment for a wide number of clients while at the same time, providing a safety factor to prevent potential burns.


How can I test that my table warmer works properly?

To quickly test the warmer just follow the instructions above and roll it up or you can also lie on top of the warmer for 5 minutes.


Earthlite Pro Table Warmer

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