CanDo® Intensity™ Loop, 40” Exerciser

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CanDo® Intensity™ Loop, 40” Exerciser

Go beyond traditional exercise bands and crank up the intensity with the CanDo Intensity Loops! One of the most durable bands CanDo™ offers, the CanDo™ Intensity™ Loop is designed to give a greater resistance than standard CanDo bands. Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, the Intensity™ Loop assists in powerful strength exercises and total body workouts. Use the Intensity™ Loops for banded push-ups, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, resistance weight training and much more. Perfect for using at home, the gym, or on-the-go. Each Intensity™ Exercise Loop uses AccuForce™ technology, which features rectangular AccuForce markings that indicate when force is exerted. Reading the force level directly on the stretched loop, you can see the rectangle turn into a perfect square shape. Showing users how much force is being exerted. CanDo Intensity Loops are available in 8 color-coded resistance levels ranging from tan (xx-light resistance) to gold (xxx-heavy resistance). Each different resistance loop has the same width of 1.5" (3.8cm) and lay flat length 41" (1m). This means when the Intensity exercise loop becomes too easy to use, you can move up to a higher resistance loop.

Choosing Your Intensity™ Exercise Loop

For rehabilitation or flexibility exercises, it’s best to use a lighter resistance exercise loop (tan - red).

For resistance exercises, it’s best to use loops of medium resistance (green - black). This depends on your personal strength.

For exercises where the band is assisting you, like pull-ups, it’s best to use a heavy resistance loop (silver - gold).

Each Intensity™ exercise loop has the same width of 1.5” (3.8cm) and lay flat length 41” (1m). This means when the Intensity™ exercise loop becomes too easy to use, you can move up to a higher resistance loop. You do not have to readjust your grip because of the standardized loop width.

Using AccuForce™

Each Intensity™ exercise loop features rectangular AccuForce™ markings that indicate the force exerted. This is shown when the rectangle becomes a square once the loop is stretched. (Force = Rectangle Squared™)

Read the force level directly on the “square” of the stretched loop to note the force exerted. Each loop has two rectangular markings indicating 100% force exerted and 200% force exerted.

AccuForce™ is great to teach users how much force to exert when using the loop. It also helps for rehabilitation to give patients assigned exercises to do at home.

  • Build upper and lower body strength
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Available in 8 color-coded resistance levels
  • All loops have a 1.5” width and lay flat length 41” for standardized grip
  • AccuForce™ technology markers on loop show exerted force
  • User manual with exercisers included

Resistance Level

50% Stretch

100% Stretch

150% Stretch

200% Stretch


1 to 1.5’

1 to 2’

1 to 2.5’

1 to 3’

XX-Light, Tan

4 lb

5 lb

7 lb

10 lb

X-Light, Yellow

12 lb

15 lb

20 lb

25 lb

Light, Red

20 lb

25 lb

34 lb

40 lb

Medium, Green

28 lb

40 lb

47 lb

55 lb

Heavy, Blue

36 lb

50 lb

61 lb

70 lb

X-Heavy, Black

44 lb

60 lb

74 lb

90 lb

XX-Heavy, Silver

52 lb

70 lb

88 lb

105 lb

XXX-Heavy, Gold

60 lb

85 lb

101 lb

120 lb

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