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Accu-Stretch Motored Stretching Device

  A sturdy detachable arm with a comfortable support pad at the end and a motorized fram that attaches to a treatment table. Controlled by the user or therapist the Accu-Stretch gives the user the ability to perform static or PNF stretching with-out aid of an assistant. It can be used for upper and lower body stretches, plank exercises and as a passive motion device. 


  • Easy to Use
  • Smooth Motorized Control
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Easily Attachable
  • Allow for stretches from 45 degrees to 180 degrees
  • Can be easily attached to most existing treatment or massage tables 
  • Upholstered Pad available in various colors

Click here to purchase a treatment table (27"H, top 24" X 48"L) compatible with the Accu Stretch

 Click here to purchase a treatment table (27"H, top 24" X 56"L) compatiable with the Accu Stretch


  • Therapist or Client Controlled
  • Frees up Therapist's time to work with more involved therapies and treat more clients per day
  • Takes the strain off the Therapists's Back and Shoulders
  • Provides a firm support for clients to push against when performing contract-relax stretches
  • Clients will be more relaxed, stretch longer and achieve better results
  • Billable as a Therapeutic Exercise



  • One year on all parts
  • 90 days on upholstery



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