Plus Posture Medic™ - Posture Corrective Brace

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Plus Posture Medic™

Improve Your Posture! Stretch, Strengthen and Stabilize with one product!

Specifically designed to help people overcome poor posture habits and retrain the body to stand up straight with an easy Stretch – Strengthen – Stabilize program.

Using the Posture Medic™ for a short and simple 10 minute stretch and strengthen program that improves range of motion and upper body strength. This lets you straighten up and stand tall naturally.

Then, by wearing the Posture Medic™ as a dynamic brace, you retrain your body to maintain the ideal position:

  • Head up
  • Straighter neck & back
  • An open chest
  • Shoulders back & down
  • Small - Purple
  • Medium - Royal Blue
  • Large  - Silver
  • Extra Large - Orange

At twice the strength of the Original, the Plus version is ideal for people who strength train or are athletes. 

For the Original version, click here.

For sizing, please see the Additional Documents tab.

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