Non-Woven Flat Face Rest Cover 100 Count, White

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These non-woven disposable face rest covers are ultra-soft and environmentally friendly. Drape sheets are poly-backed and measure 40? x 90?. single use face cradle covers single use face cradle covers

Non-Woven Flat Face Rest Covers

Disposable yet soft, this face cover is not a paper product, so it's environmentally friendly yet incredibly soft on the face. Easy to use, just throw it away when your client leaves put a new one on for the next client - how easy is that? And, your washload will be smaller! Permanent mascara and make-up marks on your nice flannel covers? This is the solution! Disposable covers are a great way to cover the face rest cushion when doing lots of massages and reduce the amount of linens to be washed. Package of 100. White

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