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Pelvic & Lower Extremity Models

Knee, Foot, Hip & Pelvic Models

We offer a wide variety of pelvic and lower extremity models. Our pelvic and lower extremity models are functional and realistic; which makes them great references for your learning. Our selection of models include the hip joint, muscles of the foot and pelvis with ligaments.

Left Foot & Ankle With Tibia And FibulaOn Sale
$75.00 $69.23
Right Flexible Foot & Ankle SkeletonOn Sale
$83.00 $82.95
Pelvic Skeleton MaleOn Sale
$67.00 $61.85
Hip JointOn Sale
$89.00 $82.15
Functional Knee Joint ModelOn Sale
$89.00 $83.95
Femoral Fracture And Hip