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Anatomical Charts & Models

We carry a large selection of anatomical charts and models for your office. Models, charts, posters and other learning aids make wonderful educational tools for patient education.

Fred-The Flexible Skeleton W/5' Roller StandOn Sale
$645.00 $516.00
Classic Skull With Opened Lower JawOn Sale
$218.00 $174.40
Hand Skeleton - RightOn Sale
$64.00 $51.20
Flexible Spinal Column FemaleOn Sale
$175.00 $140.00
VertebraeOn Sale
$69.95 $41.99
Lumbar Spinal Column W/Prolapsed Intevertebral DscOn Sale
$59.95 $31.99
Mini Torso - 12 PartOn Sale
$237.76 $196.62
Muscled Leg With Knee - 3 PartOn Sale
$695.00 $499.99
Hollow FootOn Sale
$99.95 $49.99
Disarticulated Skeleton Fully PaintedOn Sale
$717.00 $661.85