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Resistance & Exercise Bands

ProMed Products Xpress carries a wide variety of exercise bands to add to your physical therapy practice. The bands come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit the needs of all of your patients. Our exercise bands are durable and do not break when stretched. We also carry storage racks and dispensers for the exercise bands.

Cando Exercise Band, 6Yds, Low Powder
$8.29 - $46.29
Thera-Band Professional Resistance Bands Kit, Heavy (Advanced)
Extremity Straps Hygenic Thera-Band One Pair
Rep Band Dispensing Tower
Thera-Band Assist Strap
E-Var Light Blue Band
E-Var Band Heavy Black
E-Var Red Band Med
Thera-Band Professional Resistance Bands Kit, Light (Beginner)
Cando Exercise Band Rack Holds 5 Rolls