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Current Solutions InTENSity IF ComboOn Sale
Micro II Micro Current
Current Solutions InTENSity Select ComboOn Sale
Super Stimm Mf Plus, 4 Chnl 8 Pad Med Frequency
Portable Interferential If-4000 Muscle Stimulator
Amrex Ms324a Low Volt A.C. Muscle Stimulator
Mettler Sys*Stim 208, One Channel, Low Volt Stim
call 800-542-9297 to purchase
Mettler Sys*Stim 208A, Two Channel Low Volt StimOn Sale
$677.03 $645.00
call 800-542-9297 to purchase
Biphasic/Mono Phasic Stimulator
Synchropulse Hv752 High Voltage Pulsed D.C. Stim
Gv350 High Volt Stimulator
Chatta Intelect Legend Stim 4 Channel 8 Pads
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