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Diathermy Autotherm Me 395 Mtlr Incl Accessory PkgOn Sale
$12,372.00 $12,013.00
call 800-542-9297 to purchase
Mettler Electronics Portable Shortwave Diathermy Me 390On Sale
$5,106.00 $4,995.00
call 800-542-9297 to purchase
6640009On Sale
$8,011.00 $7,778.00
call 800-542-9297 to purchase
4.2Cm Diameter Condenser Applicator
8.5Cm Diameter Condenser Applicator
13Cm Diameter Condenser Applicator
Sft Rubber Plat Applicator Set 1, 8X14 Cm
Sft Rubber Plate Applicator Set 2, 12X18 Cm
8 Cm Coil Aplctr No Cable 30 Watts For Mtlr Me395
14Cm Dia. Coil App No Cable 90Watts For Mtlr 395
15X35cm Triplode Coil App W/Cbl 200Wts For Mlr395
8X14cm Sft Rubber Plate Applicator
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