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Dynamometers – Digital and Gauge

Dynamometers – either digital or gauge – help physical therapists determine baseline grip and/or pinch strength to assess therapy and exercise needs. Measuring your clients progressing grip strength throughout the course of therapy can help you adjust treatment and therapy recommendations.

500Lb Digital Push/Pull DynamometerOn Sale
$828.75 $785.00
500Lb Analog Push/Pull DynamometerOn Sale
$701.25 $675.00
Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 100LbOn Sale
$900.00 $834.75
Electric Push/Pull Dynamometer 250LbOn Sale
$990.00 $915.00
6' Wall Anchor
Baseline Digital Pinch Gauge 100LbsOn Sale
$552.50 $495.00
Baseline Universal Push-Pull Dynamometer-100 LbsOn Sale
$573.75 $529.62
Baseline Universal Push-Pull Dynamometer-250 Lb.On Sale
$637.50 $595.00
Regular Stand-On Base For Push-Pull DynamometerOn Sale
$106.25 $94.99
Large Stand-On Base For Push-Pull DynamometerOn Sale
$148.75 $134.99
Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer 200Lbs
Hydraulic Hi-Res Hand Dynamometer 300Lbs.On Sale
$318.75 $309.75