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Posture Analyzers

Scales and Stadiometers

Scales and stadiometers have been useful tools for physicians and physical therapists for many years. Help assess your clients’ body compositions to diagnose health issues and recommend treatments with the help of digital medical scales, pediatric scales, and accurate stadiometers.

Kent Postural Analysis Grid Chart-Original
Baseline Body LevelOn Sale
$64.99 $61.94
Professional Plumb Bob Set-Up Kit
S.A.M. Mark Viii Bilateral Scale W/Hydraulic Lift
S.A.M. Slimline
S.A.M. Lateral Frame Upgrade
Portable Master's Spinalyzer Posture Analyzer
Galaxy Spine Analyzer
Baseline Posture GridOn Sale
$171.00 $167.99
Posture Evaluation Kit
Symmetrigraf Plastic Posture Grid
Functional Testing GridOn Sale
$335.00 $295.00