Amrex U/20 Portable Ultrasound
Amrex Ms324a Low Volt A.C. Muscle Stimulator
Ultrasound/Stimulator Us/752SOn Sale
$3,701.29 $3,415.59
Amrex Advanteq 2000 Tens Unit
U/20B Portable Ultrasound With 2 Transducers
Amrex Ms322 Low Volt A.C. Muscle Stim, 2-Pad
Amrex Synchrosonic Us/54 Combination Ultrasound/Low Volt Ac Stimulator
Amrex Synchrosonic U/50 Ultrasound
Amrex Ms324c Dual Channel Low Volt Muscle Stim
Interferential/Russian Stim If250
Amrex Z-Stim If 150 Interferential Unit
Combo Ultrasound / High Volt Stimulator
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