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Vertical Spine With Colored Muscles & Ligaments
Vertical Spine With Colored Muscles & Ligaments
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Vertical Spine With Colored Muscles & Ligaments

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Vertical Spine with Colored Muscles & Ligaments

Includes spinal  femur heads, femur heads, hard & soft brain stem, cerebellum vertebral column, artery. Sciatic nerve, suboccipital tri-angle, intertranserverse short & long rotators, quadratus lumborum, iliacus, psoas major & piriformis muscles. Plus 1st and 2nd rib: interspinales cervical muscle: brachial plexus, longus capitus, multifidus, erector spinae, medius & posterior scalenes muscles, and the facet sydrome (No interchangable disc-as 1-4/1-5 shows degeneration in the bone.) Cervical & lumbars in blue. Iliolumbar, sacrospinous & sacrotuberous ligaments, inferior & superior gemel-lus, gluteus minimus & medius muscles, cut of obturator internus.