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SleepRight® Rx Dura Comfort Adjustable Night Guard

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Sleepright Rx Dura Comfort Adjustable Night Guard
Sleepright Rx Dura Comfort Adjustable Night Guard
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    SleepRight® Rx Dura Comfort Dental Guard

    Splintek has improved the design of the bitepads, the frontal band , and the stability wing to make the SleepRight® Rx Dura-Comfort more durable, comfortable and stable than the SleepRight® Rx Secure-Comfort. The Dura-Comfort bitepads are more durable because they are engineered using a more dense, higher quality material. The wider frontal band is anatomically designed with an inner bridge to prevent the strap from sliding and feature more bendable hinges to reduce pressure points. The stability wing is more flexible allowing the wings to move with your mouth for increased comfort.

    • Adjustable technology designed to fit all sizes
    • No boiling required
    • Easy to fit in seconds
    • Comfortable and not bulky
    • Protects teeth and dental work from teeth grinding and clenching
    • Designed by a dentist
    • Available in mint or unflavored
    How does the SleepRight® dental guard work?
    Clenching and grinding teeth has been classified as a neuromuscular disorder. Overactive muscles can cause chipping, fractures, excessive wear and loosening of the teeth. Some studies report that chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding may be related to head and neck muscle tension and pain in the jaw joints. The SleepRight's® articulating bitepads, made of a resilient hybrid material, slip comfortably between your teeth and are designed to re-establish your natural freeway space. While the SleepRight® protects teeth from clenching and grinding, we emphasize and strongly encourage our customers to concentrate on, "lips together, teeth apart" to initiate the muscle relaxation learning process. When directed by the brain, muscles at ease will allow the teeth to rest on the bitepads. Do not bite down, although the natural urge to do so will test your mental approach to learning "lips together, teeth apart".

    How do I fit the SleepRight® dental guard?
    Detailed pictures are included with easy to follow care and fitting instructions. With SleepRight's® patented adjustable technology, you have four bitepad positions, making it easy to customize the size to fit most people. The thermal sensitive strap, which is positioned between your lower lip and teeth, will adapt to your gums when heated under warm water. Do not boil the SleepRight® mouth guard.

    How does the SleepRight® dental guard stay in place?
    The SleepRight® dental guard utilizes natural tissue retention between your lips, cheek, and tongue to be held in place.There are no clasps that attach to the teeth and you do not use the teeth to hold the appliance in place. While the bitepads are made of a tough and resilient material, the heat sensitive memory strap is smooth, soft, and flexible. This enhances the adaptation to each individual's anatomy.

    *This item is a hygiene item and not eligible for returns*

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