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ENDEVR Pure Series Bracelet

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  • Description

    ENDEVR Pure Series Bracelet

    Size Inches cm
    XSMALL 6.5 16.5
    SMALL 7.25 18.4
    MEDIUM 7.75 19.6
    LARGE 8.25 20.9
    • Contains anions (negatively charged particles)
    • Ion+ Far Infrared infused silicone
    • Regulates the mood chemical
    • Increases energy
    • Made of 7 natural minerals and gemstones
    • Durable and sustainable
    • Waterproof
    • Genuine authentic mylar
    • 8 color options
    The health industry is always developing and expanding with innovated ways to better our bodies. In today's world, we are exposed to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and neurological and physical toxins. These all play a part to the increased exposure we have to positive ions. Together, these have raised awareness of cancers, stress, sleep disorders, and a considerable amount of accompanying illnesses. Our bodies "recharge" with anions which permeate the blood stream by absorption through the skin. These particles help to optimize and regulate key cell functions such as regulating serotonin, the mood chemical, to optimal levels. Anions also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which allows for more mental energy, greater alertness, and decrease in drowsiness. 

    ENDEVRTM Ion Health Technology utilizes 7 natural minerals to generate anions without external power sources. The proprietary combination of these minerals produce negative ion factors up to 25 times greater than other ion bracelets.

    The Pure Series is truly the vitamin you wear!

    **note image of bracelet says LifeSTRENGTH but actual products says PURESTRENGTH**

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